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31 May
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So,.. sue here. I was sucked into the world of fanfiction when I saw something about HP fanfiction on our daily paper. It was telling me abour ff.net and I was like, there's people who wrote HP stuff? Apart from JK.R? And they put it online? How cool!
So, I went in to check it out, but I never made it there. At that time at least. I saw tv series, click out of curiousity, click on Dark Angel, and never left. heh!
I've always loved writing. Looking back, I can say that my favourite part of tests and exams was the essay. Cheesy as hell, but there you go.
I taught myself (and numerous tutorials online helped!) on PS, and when the mood strikes, I kinda prefer it to writing.
I love looves tv. I'm hooked to jdramas and kdramas (but at the time being, there's nothing really interesting going on). Because our local tv is really slow on airing the new stuff, I always have to download the eps online. I taught myself that too :P
I get bored easily (which is why I have tons of unfinished WIPs), and have the talent to ramble endlessly (which why I kinda suck at standalones, I don't know when to stop *rolls eyes*). Which is what I'm doing now. So yeah, I'm gonna stop.
Right now.